Naughty – Cam & Kojo (2011 – 2017)

Track with Kojo Saffu, I wrote the music in 2011, this track was originally was composed out of a single note and pitch bends, there was also a tempo envelope ranging from 20 bpm to 104.78, when I decided to revisit and complete this track in December 2016 the tempo changes became unmanageable as in place Kojo had in part rapped over the bends. Fortunately those vocals parts were repeated in other places throughout the track at 104.78 so I was able to Victor it back together and then warp the vocals to 105. Originally I had written a lot of parts by throwing an arp at 1/12, 1/16 etc on the main part but later went back and mapped it out. Replaced a bunch of sounds to contemporise the sounds. Yeah yeah. I won’t elaborate on the art here.